Half Deckers (Day Boats)

We can offer six traditional, wooden, half-deckers for hire to the public. Three are  Gunter rigs and three are balanced lugsails.

All of these vintage half-deckers are great day boats and come with awnings making them great for Yamping.

Gunter Rigs

If you’re a good dinghy sailor and enjoy having a mainsail and a jib, then Buff Tip and Sundew may be just the boats for you.

Experienced sailors, who like life a little faster, would certainly enjoy the exhilarating sail you can get with Rebel Reveller and Valiant Rebel.  They are the only two Rebel Class half-deckers available for hire on the Norfolk Broads.

Single Sail Balanced Lugs

Our single sail balanced lugs are ideal for solo sailors or people looking for a more sedate sail, who may wish to introduce others to sailing or, maybe, just want to practice their sailing skills.

Buoyancy jackets are supplied by the yard but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

*Bouyancy jackets supplied for each boat



Half Decker Sails and Awnings

Valiant Rebel20202015
Rebel Reveller20192021
Buff Tip20172018
Woodcut I2018 2019
Woodcut II20182013
Brown Bess20132018