A little while ago a customer shared a link to a fantastic short(ish) video from the 2012 3 Rivers Race recorded by KeepTurningLeft.

It not only shows some of the Hunter Fleet, (especially at the beginning) but you can see some great footage of the Norfolk Broads and the people racing too.  The narrator has a nice voice and comes across very knowledgable, a real bonus to the content.

If you’re like us and have to work on the Broads, or just not able to join in, then you might enjoy this video as it brings you right in there with them.

Pop over and take a look, we’re sure you’ll enjoy watching it and you never know, you might even recognise some of the people and places too, like Potter Heigham bridge.

[youtube id=”mnWHWgAnXGI” width=”100%” height=”450″]

Here is the link on YouTube https://youtu.be/mnWHWgAnXGI

Ahh, sailing on the beautiful Norfolk Broads – messing about on the water, in boats, without engines – wonderful!

Let us know what you think.

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