2 Berth Hustler Class Cabin Yachts

Sleeps 2 or 3

These single cabin gaff sloops are built of bright-varnished mahogany and are designed to give a performance to satisfy the experienced yachtsman.  Sailing experience is required for this craft, and it is a popular choice among very experienced solo sailors.

The two berths are fitted with mattresses and have large drawers underneath.  With the toilet and wash basin in a separate forward compartment. Cooking is by gas in the fitted locker in the well

5 yachts are available in this class:
Hustler – With ‘Electric Quant’ (use is optional)                                                                                                            Hustler II – 1936
Hustler III – 1937 – With ‘Electric Quant’ (use is optional)
Hustler IV – 1938 – With ‘Electric Quant’ (use is optional)                                                                                                Hustler V – 1939

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Hustler Class Specifications

Berths:  2 single bunks with an optional 1 extra person
:  Mattress protector, fitted sheet, duvet & duvet cover, pillow in a pillowcase (NB. Youth groups and schools have blankets and pillow in a pillowcase)
Extra Gear: Blankets and mattresses on the floor between the bunks (additional charge*)
Life Jackets:  2 Self activating jackets are allocated to the boat (crewsaver style also available)
Rig:  Gaff Sloop with self-tacking Jib
Mast lowing:  Counter weight
Length:  LOA 24ft – (7.3m)
Beam:  7ft 6 in – (2.3)
Draught:  2ft 6in – (0.76)
Keel:  Fixed Ballasted
Bridge clearance:  Minimum 5ft 11in – (1.8m)
Headroom:  5ft 9in with cabin top raised (aft end) – (1.75)
Cooking:   Propane gas with 2 rings and a grill
Utensils: Crockery, Cutlery and Cooking utensils
Water:  2 x 10ltr containers (kept in the aft locker)
Lighting:  12v LED battery lights
Engine:  No engine – just a Quant (Except Hustlers 1, 3 & 4**)
Sail Area: Main sail 286 sq ft – Jib 57 sq ft

All yachts are supplied with full awnings covering cabin and well areas
Bunk sizes are normally approx. 6’ 2” – exceptions are Hustler 2 with 6’ 5” and Hustler 5 with 6’ 3”

**HUSTLERS 1, 3 & 4 – Electric Engine: Torqeedo Cruise 2.0FP 5HP, folding propeller electric engine with side mounted throttle. The folding propeller is fitted closely behind the keel, so as not to affect sailing.  You do not have to use the electric engine; this is an optional extra which does incur a small extra charge if required.  Please select the boat name with an E when making your boat selection.

Find below some information about our Hustler Class you may find interesting

Hustler II

Hustler II is unusual in that the bunks, at 6ft 5in, are much longer than the standard 6ft 2 in..

Hustler III

Hustler III was used for a fashion shoot for the EDP Norfolk Magazine in July 2002

Hustler V

Hustler V is unusual in that the bunks are 6ft 3in, are longer than the standard 6ft 2 in.

All of the Hustlers

All of the Hustlers have been hired out every season since being built except during the war years from Aug 1939 to 1943 – so over 2,500 people have enjoyed holidays in each of these yachts

Sails and Awnings
Hustler IApr 20162021
Hustler IIMay 2020May 2020
Hustler IIIAug 2018Jun 2020
Hustler IVMar 2012Apr 2018
Hustler VApr 2018Apr 2020

As a rule of thumb we try to change our sails and awnings every 4 seasons. This period may vary to longer or shorter depending on the boats usage.