Help for the Trust and Funding Support

We feel our boats are wonderfully unique and very special and so do most of our customers. However, as time goes by things change in this wonderful world of ours; which means moving with the times is sometimes necessary in order to continue in the world of business. The Trust regularly looks for outside funding support as the business demands are never ending.

We all know Percy’s ‘Lovely Ladies’ are just that, lovely, but we also know they could do with a bit of ‘updating’ to keep them as current as we can, without changing them too much of course.

Now, the Trust just can’t afford to do these larger projects without extra help from funding and any extra donations from our customers and visitors.

2018 Project – An Engine for Lucent

So, the Trust sought funding and in 2018 they received the following donations and funding for the Lucent engine project:

The Norman Foundation – £5,000

Love the Broads – £1,000

Along with customer donations towards the engine amounting to just under £2,000

2019 Projects – Engines for Hustler 3 & Lustre

The engine was such a great success, and with lots of people asking, and hoping for more engines to be installed, the Trust went looking for more funding to hopefully add more engines.

This time it was decided Hustler 3 and Lustre would have the engine added pending more funding could be found. Some funding was found by way of a Leader Grants.

Heritage Electric Engine Upgrade

A grant of £3,844.38 received towards electric engines for Hustler 3 and Lustre

Defibrillator Project

The Trust has many visitors in the course of a year, each year, all of differing ages and conditions of health; so, the Trust thought it best to have its own defibrillator here at the Yard.

A 360P defib with a heated outside box has now been purchased but as you can imagine, it’s a very costly bit of equipment. There is also has an on-going cost for electricity as the box has to be heated and lit up 24/7.

The Trust has funded this project itself so far, but if you know of any funding we may be able to apply for please let us know. Any donations towards it would be very much appreciated too.


Well, here we are again, people telling us how wonderful the engines on Hustler 3, Lustre and Lucent have been; it seems more boats with engines are needed!

As you’ve already guessed, these engines are not cheap to buy or install so we would need to find more help to achieve this.

If you know of any organisation that does offer funding opportunities or may be able to help us in anyway, please let us know.

We hope you will agree, these are exciting times for us, moving forward, while trying to keep our history.

To recap our funding so far:
⦁ In 2018 we received £7,000 in funding and donations towards Lucent’s engine
⦁ In 2019, we will receive £3,844.38 from a Leader Grant towards Hustler 3 and Lustre’s engines… far

Could you help us too?

Telephone 01692 678263 – or email:

The Norfolk Heritage Fleet Trust – Registered Charity Number: 1052303