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Covid-19 is having a dramatic effect on Hunter’s Yard and the Norfolk Heritage Fleet with a loss of income for most of this year. We have already furloughed most of the staff and we are taking every opportunity to gain Government and other funding to see us through this crisis. However, there will still be a shortfall and it would be such a shame if Percy’s Lovely Ladies did not survive for future generations to enjoy. If you are able to give a donation (with or without Gift Aid) it would help us enormously. With very grateful thanks in advance from all the Trustees and Staff at Hunter`s

Thank you all – Stay Safe

Help for the Trust and Funding Support  

We feel our boats are wonderfully unique and very special and so do most of our customers.  However, as time goes by things change in this wonderful world of ours, which means moving with the times is sometimes necessary in order to continue in the world of business.

We all know Percy’s ‘Lovely Ladies’ are just that, lovely, but, we also know they could do with a bit of ‘updating’ to keep them as current as we can, without changing them too much of course.

However, after asking some of our customers what would help them the most to enjoy their stay on a Hunter boat, it seemed some extra power to the quant would help.

Therefore, after several years of careful consideration, and then searching for the right engine for ‘our’ girls; it was decided to try one on Lucent. Mainly because she wasn’t built by the Hunter family so may not upset too many people if we used her to ‘try one out’.

As you can imagine, the Trust just not in a position to be able to afford this on its own. Extra help would be needed by way of funding and specific donations from some of our customers and visitors would be needed. 

2018 Project – An Engine for Lucent

With this exciting new project in mind, the Trust went looking for funding and in 2018 they were lucky enough to receive donations totalling nearly £2,000 from several of our ‘engine keen’ customers. Although, as generous this was, more money was need to complete the project. So, one of our Trustees was given the task to seek other means of funding and I’m sure you’ll agree, she did a great job and managed to get some funding from the Norman Foundation and Love the Broads. We’d like to thank all the customers who helped us with their generous donations, the Norman Foundation and Love the Broads organisations, who, if not for them the project just wouldn’t have happened, THANK YOU!

The Norman Foundation – £5,000

Love the Broads – £1,000

Along with customer donations towards the engine amounting to just under £2,000.

2019 Projects – Engines for Hustler 3 & Lustre

Wow, what can we say, the engine was a great success! So much so, it triggered lots of questions about whether we would consider installing more. As you can imagine, that sparked off more thinking and lots of talks between the Trustees and after more deliberating it was decided if funding could be found they would do more. This time though, the Trust thought it best to do two boats at the same time if possible; but of course that would mean even more funds would be needed.

After discussion with a few people it was decided that Hustler 3 and Lustre would be the next engine projects; however, only if more funding could be found. Once again, the Trust went looking and during the 2018 winter re-fit funding was found by way of a LEADER Grant. Now, the LEADER grant isn’t the easiest of grants to achieve with all the paperwork, red tape and hoops to jump through but achieve it the Trust did.

Heritage Electric Engine Upgrade

A donation of £3,844.38 towards engines for Hustler 3 and Lustre

The projects never stop

We are always trying to keep up with the 21st century even though are business is based in the 1930s. We have so many wonderful visitors from all walks of life who enjoy seeing the boats and the history; but we must also keep everyone as safe as we as can too.

Defibrillator Project

With the many visitors in the course of a year, each year, all of differing ages and conditions of health (to put it politely); the Trust thought it best to have its own defibrillator here at the Yard. Although, there is one in the village at our local shop called Throwers, it is a bit of a way even by car and every moment counts. Right?

A 360P defibrillator and heated box for outside was purchased early part of June this year (2019).  Although we did have to wait a couple of weeks for the electricians to wire the box in before we could set everything up; the peace of mind is worth the cost and the wait. You can find the box on the river side of the yard near the Read Dyke, on the corner of our shed and has 24/7 access by phoning 999.

The Trust has funded this very expensive piece of kit itself so far, but if you’re able to point us in the right direction for some help with this please let us know. 


My goodness, now, where do we start – As a result of people hearing how wonderful having an engine on Hustler 3, Lustre and Lucent has been; customers are asking if we’ll be adding more engines and when. So it seems we’re going to need more engines.

The Trust is keen to do just that, to add more boats with engines but we don’t want to lose any of our purest sailors either; so at least one of each class will remain engineless.

We’re keen to see how an engine on a Wood class will work out now, perhaps Wood Violet could be the first one to try it.

As you can imagine, these engines are not cheap to buy or install, so in order for the Trust to achieve this, more funding and specific donation support will be necessary. Searching is going on in real earnest now to find some larger amounts of funding so more boats can become more accessible to even more people.

We hope you will agree, these are exciting times for us, moving forward, while trying to keep our history. The engine project should keep us ‘afloat’ (pardon the pun) for more years to come. As they say, watch this space

Therefore, can you help us, do you know of any organisations that offer funding opportunities or may be able to help us in any other way, please let us know.

In conclusion, our fund-raising so far has been:

  • In 2018 – £7,000 in funding and donations towards Lucent’s engine
  • In 2019 – £3,844.38 from a Leader Grant towards Hustler 3 and Lustre’s engines… far

Are you able to help us too?

Telephone 01692 678263 – or email:
The Norfolk Heritage Fleet Trust – Registered Charity Number: 1052303